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Friday, March 2, 2012

Singapore with an Amazing “S” – the SHANGRI-LA HOTEL.

Still a bit under the influence of the Christmas spirit – not to mention the almost 24 hours of partying, I had not started packing my things for a short trip to Singapore. Although my thought was with the luggage – but my spirit was with other “spirits”. With a little help of caffeine and a dose of cold shower – I started packing my things with the “clothes compartment” a friend gave me as Christmas present.  With the “clothes compartment” (you can get one from SM department store. I saw the tag. He he he) – it was stress free and organized.  A breeze for travelers. 

It was my second time with the Singapore Airlines but having my first breakfast at their lounge was a treat. A light breakfast but with a heavy (fast) wifi – informing my housemates of my forgotten list of reminders was a relief.  

The flight was on time and a “swarm” of post Christmas revelers surprised me. All seats were taken – even the Business Class and 95% were Filipinos. It made me feel proud that news on poverty in my beloved country was not true at all.  That my compatriots are well and always find time to have FUN –even during hard times.

The weather was fine and the three and a half flight was okay except with the intermittent snore of my seatmate.  The food was great too (or I was just on eating binge).  I ordered for a fish (something). It was spicy and the sauce was a “relative” of curry.  I was offered with wine but the thought of having enough the past day made me choose a glass of water, instead. 

Fast forward to Singapore airport – the staff from Shangri la Singapore greeted us with a wide smile. He was wearing this kind of uniform but it looked like costume from a Christmas party.  The ambience was so Christmassy – except that we miss the chilly feel of Hong Kong during this time of the year.

Although this trip was my fourth in Singapore, excitement suddenly crept into my spine when we entered Orange Grove Road and ushered to the Valley Wing at the Shangri La Singapore.  A brief but gastronomically satisfying lunch at The Line Buffet at Shangri La Singapore was an indulgence beyond comparison. And don’t feed the squirrels. 

After checking my mails and facebook friends (wifi at the hotel was superb. You can get a wifi signal anywhere you go –even at the pool area. And posting photos was prompt.) I took a powerful nap before taking (supposedly) a dip at the pool but ended up sipping my favorite Singapore Sling.  

The sun sleeps late in Singapore.  It was past 7 pm (but felt like 5 pm) when somebody from the Japanese restaurant informed us of our reservation. We all forgot the essence of time as we were too busy with our Singapore Sling. 

The area was so beautiful.  Simple yet classic –a reminiscent of an old Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant. The staff can speak three languages – Chinese, Malay and English. But of course the Filipino servers are far exceptional – they speak well in English and Tagalog.

The following day was a trip to the Universal Studio. The queue was unbelievably long. It was so OMG. It took us an hour to get inside the Studio but gave us ample time checking other sites. As second timers – we already knew where to head – the restaurant. It was not another eating binge. We just wanted to get a space to stay while the rest of the “cast” chose their rides and shows.  I decided to stay at the restaurant and trained my lenses on anything.

I tried the Night Safari years back and it was an experience.  Although I am not a zoo person (but I appreciate and respect animals) the Singapore Zoo was a trip to reckon with even it was drizzling.  And for the first time – right before my contact “lensed” eyes was a kangaroo. And a short stop at the Ah Meng Kopi made the trip so refreshing. 

There were only two items on the list for this trip – the Singapore Zoo and another trip to the Universal Studio. Although we decided to cut on the shopping spree, but Orchard is just too tempting.  I bought few pieces of some Singapore “pasalubong” at Lucky Plaza like the Singapore Long Champ inspired bags for only $10.  I also deviated from buying key chains – I chose the Singapore “chocolates” for another $10 per box, instead. 


The trip was short but staying at the Shangri La Singapore was already a trip itself.  It was simple but full of beautiful memories – like a trip to Clark Quay for another Jumbo Restaurant experience.  A short walk near the river with ice cream or a solo trip to Orchard Rd with my flip flops and shorts or simply a lazy rest at the lounge of the hotel with your tablet and favorite cappuccino.  

The Lounge of the Valley Wing

Takashimaya at Ngee Ann City with my bff Liza and her son  Yuri with the never ending fish and chips.

Chocolates for .....

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