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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Being Well. Being Free: a fight with Dengue Fever.

I thought it was the end of my world – or I just categorically over reacted.  My platelet never increased as I gulped liters and liters of Absolute mineral water, Gatorade, cans of Del Monte Pineapple juice and whatever available liquid there was. I was a good patient. I followed all the advice – even not really paying attention to my 8-hour sleep just to give way of visiting the comfort room for a regular liquid release.  Plus the every 12-hour blood retraction for an almost non-ending platelet count.  Not to forget the dextrose that each drop seemed like eternity.  I was battling with low platelet count due to alleged Dengue Fever.
It was turmoil but I had no reason to rant over.  I knew that with me at New Sinai Hospital was a bunch of sick people who were not only suffering from sickness but also with boredom. The 4-day stay seemed like eternity but it also gave me a lot of reasons to thank for and realization beyond my comprehension.

People who are born with single blessedness issues should take care of themselves. I know parties are part of the cycle but health should be on top of it. It is really hard and “self pitiful” to be in a room – not really welcoming and battling with the thought of when will the Lord of Health grant you your wish of enjoying the sun again.  Friend may send you messages of speedy recovery, true friends drop by for an hour and when the visiting hours close – you then start to feel alone and lonely.

In times of need – whom you gonna call? Family. Friends may have the sweetest text message but the mother’s touch is so magical – an extension of God’s healing power.

 Ha ha ha. This just came out after watching movies from the cable ready t.v.  At least a partner will always file for a vacation leave – just to be with you.  I mean – a mother’s touch is magical and healing but a partner’s hug is more than the heater.

Being Well – Being Free!

Although – I made a lot of promises like hearing mass on Sunday, making good and being good – my battle with the big D gave me another reason to celebrate Life with Sante’s Barley Pure. This is my companion in battling the Dengue Fever. It helped me increase my platelet count. With a little push from my sister-in law, from 95 – my platelet rose to 200. I knew miracle took place and God made Barley the instrument.

With my – a Dengue Survivor – Sante Pure Barley is my new companion – my supplement. Why not try it! 

Being Well is Being Free!

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