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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Three Cities in One Sitting: A spur from Eat – Pray - Love

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For two successive weekends, my big rocks were left untouched and I soaked myself  watching movies in my almost worn-out DVD player.  To mention some (topping the list) From Justin to Kelly – a musical movie; think of High School Musical on a Spring Break at the California Beach.  With the beaches (and the bitches) the bods and the bodies – who will not love it especially summer is lurking  somewhere. 

Next is Julie and Julia – this one is about food and blogging. Though I won’t write reviews on these two movies. I will just leave that one to the experts.
But the latest movie I watched (after an exasperating day of checking the final papers of my students) brought me to three places in one sitting (literary in one sitting).  EAT – PRAY- LOVE is just one movie that I will keep in my treasure chest. Not to mention Under the Tuscan Sun also. 

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 EAT – ITALY.  All my life I have been dreaming of Italy.  The Food, the Language, the People, the Culture; everything Italian looks perfect.  The Gods must have settled first in Italy before migrating to Athens. I’m always left awed every time I watched movies filmed in Italy. In fact, Italy was not supposed to be part of my World Literature syllabus but I managed to squeeze it. I always feel this distinctive connection.  It must be my DNA.

PRAY – INDIA.  Namaste! India is my cousin Nui’s dream place. It is inevitable not to include India in any World Literature class. I had it at the very beginning of my class.  India – the land overflowing with religion.  Although I am not so India person because I cannot meditate and be vegan but visiting the place is more than a privilege.

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LOVE – BALI, Indonesia. The tsunami that hit Bali was insignificant to my impressions of the place. I know Philippines is a paradise to any tourist but Bali is heaven to me.  I have visited Bangkok (Pattaya) and partied hard, but that’s all that I remember of Pattaya. Though the occasional site of the massage parlors is not new to me (we have plenty in Manila) but the therapists are a sight to behold.  You will know what I mean when you get there.
Eat- Pray-Love – a movie that will appease me when things get uninteresting and life dull. For now I will Eat… I will Pray and I will Love wherever the place is.  I just have to save more. Enjoy watching.

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