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Monday, February 21, 2011

A refreshing "homecoming" to photography: A Black and White Experiment

Still dripping with inspiration from my constant glimpse of Nui's photos (and the comments that sent me to googlequiry land) it brought me to try my hands on indoor photography.  With little (or less) equipment (a black cloth from Fritz) and my emergency lamp (a gift I got from kris kringle).  With just an inspired spirit, I had my first try.

I liked the results – but I like the comments even better. Nui just “pushed” me again to better my shots.   My “homecoming” to photography was driven by the awesome shots of Nui. Ever since I am always awed at his talent.  And getting inspired to follow his footsteps is one challenging act but entertaining as well.   

Thank you Nigz, Fritgz, Rea, Ton and John for posing and time....

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