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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Caring Cartimar in Pasay, Philippines: A melting pot of lovers of all sorts.

BUBBLES JUST LOST HER INNOCENCE. AND I WAS BELLOWING.  I didn't know if it was out of happiness or simply out of envy.  All I knew  the Valentine atmosphere was starting to fill the house when a lady brought with her Sneazy, a pure bred Pomeranian for a “stud” party. Or maybe the thought of having more “babies” and my inadequacy in parenting might have caused the billowing. 

Their acquaintance was stressful.  But it never took them that long before we found their “two by two their bodies become one”.  Madonna must have been so happy that her lines came alive again. Agitated to the coming of a new member or members of the house, I took a bath and checked some cages for her and the “babies” (puppies not accepted) in Cartimar.  I also visited her OB/Vet for some tips and gave me a hearty laugh when she found out that Bubbles just had her “first” and it will take another 40 days prior to pregnancy.  I felt a sudden relief. I am not so prepared for parenting yet.

With a relaxed feeling, the exquisiteness of Cartimar unfolded right before my eyes: the curious faces of children, the caring hands of pet owners and the profit oriented expressions of store owners and their “sales agents”.  I have been visiting Cartimar when Bubbles was still “innocent” and its presence never stimulated me. And I felt remorseful for the inattention of the beauty so full of stories: stories of many firsts....stories of a  new friendship...stories of new finds.  

 Cartimar -  a caring melting pot of pet lovers ...shoe lovers ...plant lovers. 

   Simply serendipitous. 

 Simply Cartimar.

Cartimar is located near A. Pablo; near Cartimar Avenue; near A. Luna; near Mabolo; near Angelita; Cartimar is geographically located at latitude (14.551 degrees) 14° 33' 3" North of the Equator and longitude (120.9969 degrees) 120° 59' 48" East of the Prime Meridian on the Map of Manila.
1.      Wear comfortably like shorts and shirts.  Bring a bag, Cartimar is serendipitous.
2.      If you are planning to buy a new pet – don’t buy during your first visit.  I suggest do a window shopping first. Cartimar offers a variety of breeds.  It might confuse you. A friendly talk with any of the “sales agent” may solicit a good discount.
3.      Cartimar does not only offer pets but other wares too. Check the area for some food stuffs. The Japanese, Korean, Chinese stores offer their distinguished cuisine.
4.      The shoes! The pair costs P500.00 for men and lesser for women and they are still negotiable. Well imitated and cool.  


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