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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

St. Joseph Seminary College

The author- first line - farthest right
1984- While the Philippines entered a year grappling with justice after the assassination of Benigno Aquino, my parents sent me to the seminary with only one intention – to become a servant of God. Without single idea on the kind of life I was joining, I was also grappling with questions a 12-year old kid could hardly muster. Classrooms became battlegrounds for the fitted and the elimination of the unfit.  Many young souls never made it to the fourth year – but few stayed with determined souls.

When I chanced this photo from the ultimate authority of memory keepers – facebook, memories flashed before me. And remembering those years of prayers, study and games, I could not help but smile and be nostalgic. As I lived with this line each year -Many are called but few are chosen.- the years that I spent with SJSC were the best years of my life. The discipline, ideals and formation are pillars that keep me strong as I continue living the life that is meant for me.

In the end, no matter where we are- we are still one of the chosen few to walk the paths we are led to.  It is just the place that makes the difference, but the calling still remains.

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