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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The sweetness of doing nothing.

The sweetness of doing nothing.  The phrase that has been my working maxim after I decided not to renew my contract with my previous employer. Although the decision was well thought of and the plans were all laid out – I still felt a sense of loss.  A sense of unworthiness…of non-contributing.  But in life we make decisions that totally change the path of our existence.  We may feel ruined inside – but as Liz puts it, ruin is a gift.  Ruin is the road to transformation.   And that road led me to appreciate life better.

When they say life is a box full of surprises...I got mine when I received a phone call for a job interview.  Actually, there were three rounds of interviews and passing each interview was like getting back my confidence.  And the third interview proved to be worth getting it back…and I even got a bonus…a job.

The first day at work was good and it made even better because  my bestfriend Liza and her family treated me to a good buffet dinner at the Marriott Hotel, Resorts World.  The ambience is delectable…the setting is mouth-watering. I held my excitement for a while but could not resist the temptation of taking a bite to their scrumptious prawns…presented in all its shimmering redness.  The dinner was a blast, though it is still comparable to Sofitel’s Spiral.  And a good cup of cappuccino was the best way to end the overindulging.

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