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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Soothing Southern Palawan Summer Experience

(Courtesy of Daniel Ken Diamante)

THREE MONTHS PRIOR TO HOLY WEEK, i was scanning photos of previous trips and checking site that would save me from duplicate travel itinerary (puerto galera having the most reruns) and eventually freeing my hard drive from repeat photos.

Scouting for a spot is as challenging as looking for the most affordable fare and accommodation albeit not forfeiting comfort, safety and fun. After all, finding value for your money is identical to looking for a needle in a haystack with our current economic order.
The usual photo op in front of Puerto Princesa Airport... with tita ellen, john and fritz
The invitation of my housemate to visit the southern side of Palawan (he comes from Narra, Palawan) fashioned a distinct excitement.  While the mainstream is preoccupied with checking the north, the southern side puts up with a smaller amount of tourists downpour.  With less tourism programs on hand, we decided to urge our way down south.
A group picture after a short visit at the Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm
Unlike our previous trips, my companions brought some school supplies for the Tagbanua tribe.  The Municipality of Aborlan granted the Tagbanua tribe their ancestral domain making them a conserved community.  I was dreaming for topless Tagbanua women and loin clothed men, but I met cool Tagbanuas with cellular phones, instead. We left the school supplies to the chieftain for their distribution, said our farewells and exchanged thank you.  From the tribe, we made a short trip to the Aborlan Talakaigan River Park and informed that the municipality is saving up for its restoration and hopefully for tourism.  But there is one thing that makes this municipality a big hit: the resorts (like the Camille del Sol Beach Resort) are up for sale at a can-be-arranged-rate.

Aborlan Talakaigan River Park

Market of Narra, Palawan

After thirty minutes of almost perpetual beautiful landscape we arrived in Narra, Palawan with almost no hint of exhaustion. Narra, Palawan (formerly called Panacan) was created by the National Resettlement Rehabilitation Administration (NARRA) in 1954 to distribute land to previously landless people from other parts of the country.  Many settlements were established from the time of President Magsaysay and the place soon called NARRA.  With its populace focusing on rice farming, it has since come to be known as the RICE GRANARY OF PALAWAN till today. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011, all geared to check the first island of the four islands in our list, the Malunao Islet in Aborlan, we left Panacan on a fishing boat (instead of the usual trigger boat).  The Tourism Department of Aborlan prepared a hefty lunch of crabs, grilled yellow fin, tambakol, other fish species and agar-agar at the stilt in the islet of Malunao Aborlan and gave me my first sand bar experience.

Stilt houses on the islet of Mulanao, Aborlan, Palawan

The best way to harvest agar-agar for lunch and explore the islet of Mulanao

On our way to the Islet of Mulanao.  This is the entrance/exit of Aborlan, Palawan Port

A low tide escapade at Mulanao, Aborlan
A kodak moment...

Arena Island: a marriage of relaxation and adventure.
Friday, April 22, 2011.  When everything was all set, we boarded the same fishing boat for Arena Island: a private island which is a joint pioneering effort by communications leader and businessman Louie Morales and Palawan-born engineer Fuji Rodriguez. Touted as Palawan’s best kept secret, Arena Island is a tropical paradise paradox: secluded yet modern, lavish yet eco-friendly.   (Lily O Ramos)

The Isla Arena Resort: captivating and preserving

You will definitely have fun with the pawikans

The sunset is as captivating as the island itself

Estrella Falls is also a recipient of the 
Hall of Fame for the Cleanest 
and Greenest Inland Body of Water (River Category).
Saturday, April 23, 2011 with so much sea, sand and sun experience, the Estrella Falls trip was fitting to experience a complete summer escape. It is situated at the foot of Mt. Victoria, 6 kilometers away from the highway of Baranggay Malatgao, Narra. Estrella Falls is also a recipient of the Hall of Fame for the Cleanest and Greenest Inland Body of Water (River Category.) Even when the sun is up and scourging, Estrella Falls is always ready to offer a refreshing getaway.

The place is ideal for picnic and just the thing for cooling down. 

Even when the sun is up and scourging, Estrella Falls is always ready to offer a refreshing getaway.

The stillness of the night with stars leading our way 
and the competence of our boatmen gave us warm assurance of security.
Sunday came and we had to pack our things, we could not help but single out our respective best memories while sipping our last coffee.  The one hour drive to Puerto Princesa seemed slow and long with memories impeding us from going. I know this will not be my last one for Narra, Palawan.  For Palawan will always have something new to offer.




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